The United States, Germany, and World Order:
New priorities for a changing alliance

Most recent analyses of US-German relations do not consider the possibility that the two countries simply disagree on many matters of international security. But treating each divergence in security policy as an isolated incident may have allowed policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic to ignore the unpleasant fact that the United States and Germany could have increasingly disparate perceptions of threats and strategic cultures….

In the news: The G7 Summit and China’s Belt and Road

Can Joe Biden unite the world’s democracies in taking on China? DW discusses this with China analyst Roderick Kefferpütz.

A Green Chancellor will keep Germany safe

Why a Green Chancellor is more likely to keep Germany and Europe safe than a conservative one

Belarus’s Struggle for Democracy

An interview with former Belarusian Minister
Pavel Latushko on Belarus’s struggle for democracy.

EU-India relations in the Asian Century

An interview with Dr. Jagannath Panda on EU-India relations and their significance in the context- of the US-China hegemonic struggle.

The Arctic: Enter the Dragon

As the EU sets about updating its Arctic strategy, it would be well advised to reformulate its policy to factor in a new player in the High North – China. 

Where is Europe’s place in the age of geo-economics?

The world economy has become the battleground for rivalry between Washington and Beijing. Several factors have led to this development, first and foremost the rise of China.

In the News: “What does China want from Berlin?”

In this article by the Voice of America, I have been asked to give my views on Germany’s new Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Geopolitics in Pandemic Times

The coronavirus is dominating world politics. But it is not displacing the power politics in the world. Geopolitical competition does not take a break.

Green New Deal Geopolitics

In these geopolitical times, it is time for the Green Deal to be geopoliticised. But what might that look like?

Waiting for Germany, waiting for the Greens?

Long regarded as a beacon of stability, Germany’s political landscape is in turmoil. The fight over the post-Merkel era is on.

Europe’s China Challenge

My interview with Janka Oertel, the Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations Asia Programme, on Europe’s China challenge.

Germany – the end of economic innocence

The current recession threatening Germany points towards a major structural crisis. Germany’s economic model is “out of date”.

Car Wars: The Future of Europe’s Car Industry

The automotive industry is experiencing the biggest disruption in its history. The car will undergo more changes in the next 10 years than it has over the last 10 decades put together. Europe’s automotive industry needs to address this if it wants to stay successful.

China’s Digital Dictatorship goes global

China is not just exporting regular manufactured goods – it’s increasingly exporting its model of a digital dictatorship.

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