Political Advising, Strategy, Foresight

With more than 15 years’ experience in political institutions such as the state ministry of Baden-Württemberg and the European Parliament, I know how political strategy works. I have helped political candidates in their election bids, designed strategies to deal with political crises, developed new narratives and policy ideas, and engaged in foresight, highlighting new topics and political opportunities for clients.

My extensive network of contacts gives me unique insights into a variety of issues and political capitals. This has allowed me to see emerging trendlines before they make the headlines and spot political opportunities for clients.

Ghost-writing: Speeches, Op-eds, articles

I have an excellent track record in writing and editing speeches and op-eds. I have written speeches and statements for the Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg and other political actors, ranging from Members of the European Parliament and German Bundestag to presidents of political foundations, political party leaders and aspiring political candidates. I have written speeches for different occasions, ranging from plenary speeches and televised addresses to speeches at the World Economic Forum and political party nomination conventions.

As a ghostwriter my op-eds have appeared in media outlets such as the Financial Times, International New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit, Handelsblatt, South China Morning Post, China Daily, Project Syndicate.

Research, analysis and report writing

I have written numerous analyses, studies and reports for a multitude of clients, including political foundations, politicians and think tanks. My work has included diverse policy areas, ranging from an analysis of political parties’ digitalisation policies and the European Green Deal to German influence on European policy-making and France’s artificial intelligence strategy.

In my work I go beyond simple desk research, to speak with relevant stakeholders, conduct in-depth interviews, and get valuable background information.

Public Speaking

I am a passionate public speaker, giving speeches at conferences and workshops and moderating events on topics ranging from industrial policy, geo-economics and foreign policy to the European Green Deal and Green politics.

My media experience ranges from podcasts and radio broadcasts to newspaper interviews and public TV documentaries.

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